Award Winning Course Features

  • S.E. Asia’s Longest Single Zipline
  • Asia’s Highest Zipline
  • Tandem Flying on ‘Honeymoon’ Ziplines
  • Your Safety is our Top Priority
  • Exotic Rainforest Wildlife, Flowers & Fauna
  • Hanging Sky Bridges
  • Gorgeous Vistas from Treehouses & Platforms
  • Rappels from Towering Trees
  • 2 Highly Trained Sky Ranger Guides on Every Tour

Gabbin with the Gibbon

As Seen in

Customers Say

"It was an amazing experience...Safety measures are very good and the Sky Rangers too...thank you"

"We liked it a lot, we where high up in the trees and there was a very good view!"

"The whole package was amazing, great experience and great staff!"

"It was great fun to get to fly like superman!"

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"You don't get to do that everyday!"

"Fantastic way to go through and view the forest!"

"Exciting and good for a family vacation! Thanks for everyone!!"

"I love this place!!!! I love this staff!!! I love Flight of the Gibbon"